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Top Tips to Make Business Travel Less Stressful


1. Put your luggage in the inside of a cab with you and not in the trunk. And when you leave your location, text someone (spouse, assistant or friend) the taxi number, time you left where you left from and where you're going.
2. If you have a late meeting or a tight connection arrange for a limo/town car to pick you up and take you to your next destination. Frequently it's no more expensive than a cab to JFK and you don't have to worry about finding a cab and getting the crazy cab driver who just moved to town. The limo/town car show's up and wait's for you.
3. Minimize the number of shoes you bring by building your outfits from your shoes up.
4. Pick with a color scheme when packing such as Black, Red etc. Also pack several reversible items including camisole tops that you can wear backwards if you spill something on it.
5. Bring a piece of clothing that you can wrap yourself up in. My wrap is a two-toned pink cashmere shawl. It not only provides comfort, confidence and makes you feel like you're at home but I love putting on something bright and cheerful each day.
6. Pack a black metal binder clip in your briefcase for those pesky hotel curtains that won't close.
7. If you are always scrambling to find your hotel room key before you exit your room, get into the habit of placing it on the floor next to the door when you walk into your room.
8. Do something for you while you're on the road. All work and no play can add to frustration - save your favorite magazine, read a book or take a bath during some quiet time.
9. Bring your own favorite coffee or tea to make in the hotel room. I like milk with my coffee and hate the white powder stuff so I try to buy a small carton of milk to keep in the room, even if it's only in an ice bucket. The more I can wake up to my usual routine, the better I feel.
10. Brighten up your hotel room by keeping the flowers from your room service tray with you during your stay.

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