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Mileage Points - Using, Getting and Keeping


Given the cost of air travel, frequent flyer miles can be a preferred solution to getting "home for the holidays". But redeeming miles for air travel requires planning or suffering the consequences of unexpected costs.

Fees and fine print to watch for:

  • Speaking directly with an airline representative to book your travel comes with a fee of $20-$25 dollars. Book your reservation directly on the airlines website and save money.
  • Certain airlines impose a fee if travel is not booked within 21 days of departure. American Airlines assess travelers $50 for travel booked 21-6 days prior to travel and $100 for travel 6 days to 2 hours prior to departure. Delta has a similar process for travel plans made within 21 days of departure. Fees for award travel booked with United Airlines are assessed within 24 hours of departure. The earlier the better when redeeming miles.
  • Change fees apply for award travel. Airlines will now assess a fee for changing the origin or destination of travel, route changes or canceling and for re-crediting miles back to your account. Fees begin at $150.
  • Beware of blackout dates. Although the airlines have reduced the dates that are restricted for award travel there are still some dates that are prohibited.

Airlines have the right to change their award programs' terms and conditions at their discretion and they do. Unused miles have an expiration date. Be aware so you don't lose them.

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