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Are your credit card points at risk?


Credit card companies continue to tack on fees.

Beginning this month, American Express Co will not transfer reward points earned by customers holding American Express Cards for Delta, Starwood Hotels, Hilton Hotels and Jet Blue while their account is in arrears. American Express will charge a reinstatement fee to transfer those points in addition to any other late fees and interest charges due for late payment.

Other credit card companies may adopt similar policies. Citigroup card members receive points on purchases made with their own card and will not be able to redeem those points if their account is not current. Under certain circumstances, a reinstatement fee may be charged. Citi currently does not charge a reinstatement fee for cards issued under its American Airlines and Hilton programs.

JP Morgan Chase will cease awarding travel miles on their cards with United Airlines and Marriot Hotels for customer accounts that are past due. To date, this company does not charge a reinstatement fee when the account becomes current.

Credit card policies are constantly changing, especially now with federal fee and interest rate restrictions about to become effective. You should keep yourself alert to changes affecting the credit cards you hold by reading the fine print of the documents you receive from your credit card company or contacting the company.

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