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Hotel Haven: What do you look for in a room?


What do you look for when booking a hotel room? In addition to free wi-fi, what are the other must-haves when you pick a place to stay? Orbitz recently released a survey of the most searched amenities by customers on its website in 2010.

The results include:

Promotional Offers and Discounts: Customers want more for less. On Orbitz, top searches included free parking and airport shuttle services.

Pools: Everybody wants to take a dip, regardless of whether they’re a single, a couple or family.

The Extras: People want more than the basics when they book a room. Orbitz says they’re looking for spa services and fitness centers. And more guests are searching for pet-friendly accommodations.

The Crosby Street Hotel in New York is one of those places offering its guests more than an average stay. It’s in SoHo at 79 Crosby Street between Spring and Prince Streets and one block behind Broadway.

Its signature room design element is a dressmaker’s mannequin.

Road Warrior Ramey Warren, president of (online public speaking training), stayed there recently and raved about the style and roominess of her accommodation. Need a screening room with up-to-date technology, including 3D capability? A place for a client event? Or how about a meeting over a classic afternoon tea? This could be it.

And how many hotels have their own roof-top kitchen garden that supplies its chefs with fresh seasonal produce? Crosby does, along with a chicken coop where designer hens lay unique pale blue eggs.

The Crosby Street hotel is part of the Firmdale hotel group which has six luxury hotels in London, all designed by award-winning designer Kit Kemp. Yes, it can be pricey but check out the Sunday night special for the lowest rates or take a seat at the Crosby Bar and enjoy the design from there.

See you on the road!

Road Reporter Deborah Harter Williams with contributing writer Vicki Zwart

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