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Power of the Purse


All of traveldom is vying for our 2011 dollars and pulling out all the stops to get our attention. We’ve been bombarded with all kinds of promotional gimmicks and offers.

Virgin America is still offering to let us “Fly like a Rock Star, Pay like a Cover Band” with a New Year’s Resolution to provide “Slimmer Fares.” wants me to “clay” myself – design an avatar suitable for a Claymation character to star in its next commercial. “Concierge unpacked” is offering me a Spinnaker chair made from real spinnakers (a specialized sail) for only $2950.

Marriott and United are taking the more traditional route by promising that I can “get the most award miles possible with Marriott Rewards(R) MegaMiles. Between February 1 and April 30, 2011.”

Yes, we are the target market. Women business travelers represent some $23 billion in travel dollars, not to mention our influence on 80% of all purchases. It’s the power of the purse. Let’s plan to make the most of it in 2011.

See you on the road!

Road Reporter Deborah Harter Williams

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