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Workout Wonder: How to Stay Fit on the Road


Working out on the road takes even more of a commitment than when you are at home. You have to lug your workout gear in your suitcase, find a safe place to exercise and then deal with the sweaty clothes afterward.

Now Westin Hotels and Resorts is trying to make it a little easier on you. The Wall Street Journal reports that the hotel chain is offering a free program to loan guests fitness shoes and clothing. Women will get Capri pants, shirt, sports bra, socks and New Balance shoes. The clothes will be washed with the same process used on the towels and sheets, according to Westin. The shoes will be cleaned and insoles replaced as well. Even with those promises – will you wear gear someone else sweated in?

Regardless of whose clothes you wear – we have some tips to help you get moving on the road.

Most major hotels provide access to fitness facilities and many are doing upgrades as the demand increases. You may be charged for using them; find out when you check in.

Almost all hotel health clubs have some type of aerobic equipment, free weights and resistance machines. Also check to see if classes are offered such as yoga, Pilates, or kick-boxing. If exercise is priority, be sure to ask about facilities and equipment before you make your reservation.

If you’re a member of a health club at home, it may have a reciprocating arrangement with a club in the city you’re visiting. This could provide an alternative if your hotel’s health club doesn’t have what you’re looking for.

If you are a runner, ask the concierge or front desk for safe routes to follow. If you’re running after dusk or before dawn, wear light clothing or have some type of reflective device that’s visible to others. Also bring some type of identification with you.

If you don’t want to brave the health club or the busy streets, another option is to do an in-room workout. If you have a personal trainer at home, you can develop a routine that works in a hotel room and still gets your heart rate up. Another option is to download a video on your smartphone or iPod or iPad or bring an exercise DVD. If your room doesn’t have a DVD player, you can request one from the front desk. Some hotels will even bring exercise equipment to your room.

Whatever the method, I’ve found that exercising makes me feel better and relieves the stress of business travel. I hope it does for you too.

See you on the road,

Kathy Ameche


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