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TSA Horror Stories


As I’ve said before, I’m all in favor of airport security measures, whether it’s a pat-down or full-body image scan. We need both to protect ourselves and our loved ones when we travel.

WHAT I don’t like is the TSA treatment I’m hearing about from friends and colleagues. It sounds as though communication is lacking and customer service training has been skipped or ignored.

Here’s a horror story I heard about:

A female colleague flew out of LAX last week. She did not set off the metal detector, but received an enhanced pat-down. Once she returned to her items on the security conveyor belt, another TSA agent, referring to her briefcase, asked her “Is there a computer in here or a bomb?” My colleague was stunned by the question and immediately, as most people would, wanted to look at her briefcase. She grabbed for it and the TSA agent slapped her hand away. Her briefcase was then emptied and everything was put through the x-ray machine not once, but twice. She says she was then forced to go through another pat-down. Obviously this sounds like it’s bordering on harassment.

If you’ve had an experience like this, please tell me your story. I want to share your experiences with the TSA and talk with them about improving their customer service. I can’t do that without your help.

See you on the road,

Kathy Ameche


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