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Casting Call for Woman Road Warriors


Word about Woman Road Warrior is getting around and we received this
inquiry and we wanted to pass it along in case anyone needs some guidance.

Major TV Network Casting New Show

"Do you use your career, money, hobbies or frequent travel as a way to
live a secret life? A new TV show for a major network is seeking people
(who may remain anonymous if they wish) to participate in a program
focusing on secret lives. The show is offering professional help for
anyone who would like help confronting the truth."

This is not a Jerry Springer type show. It is however, similar to the
show "Intervention" on A&E. This is to air on one of the four top
broadcast networks. We will be offering professional help and financial
compensation for those willing to participate.

Some people might feel a need to go public as part of their process of
recovery, so to speak. Encouraging people with these sort or problems to
seek help is a major goal of the program. We are hoping some individuals
would feel good about contributing towards that goal.

For information,contact:
Danielle Monte
Casting Director
Angel City Factory

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