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Thanksgiving 7-Day Travel Checklist


Day 7
  • Ship packages - Check new TSA rules as to what is and isn't acceptable in carry-on (food)
  • Determine pet strategy (Make phone calls if necessary)
  • Arrange transportation (1 week in advance for air travel, last opportunity for savings)
  • Car rental - Look at off-site locations if airports are booked. Saves money - no airport taxes and most car rental places allow you to return at the airport with no additional charge.
Day 6
  • Take clothes to dry cleaners
  • Purchase all remaining gifts (Don't wrap if going by air)
  • Do you need to suspend mail service?
  • Suspend newspaper service, if necessary
Day 5
  • If bringing desserts, make shopping list
  • Sign-up for in destination city
  • Start monitoring weather in home and destination cities
Day 4
  • Determine how you're getting to your home city airport
  • Arrange transportation if necessary
  • Pick-up dry cleaning
Day 3
  • Enter airline, hotel, travel agent, travel site customer service and car rental numbers into speed dial
  • If you made flight arrangements months in advance, verify flight times and I.D.'s match names given
  • Enter ICE (In Case of Emergency) into cell phone contacts list
  • Make dessert(s)
Day 2
  • Pack - If traveling with mutiple people be sure to swap outfits between luggage
  • Check-in for flight - If checking luggage, print extra itinerary and put in checked luggage
  • Deliver animals to sitter
  • Pack snacks - assume a six-hour delay
  • Double check weather - If there are weather challenges, check airline website and see if any restrictions or changes are in place
Day 1 - Travel Day
  • Pack your patience
  • Pack snacks
  • Luggage
  • Family
  • Remember 3-1-1 (3oz or smaller for liquids or gel, 1 quart zip lock bag for 3 oz containers per person)
  • Allow plenty of time to get through security
  • Get started working on alternates at the first signs of a delay
  • Kill 'em with kindness

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