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The Thanksgiving Pat-Down That Wasn't


Remember when

- It was going to be long waits at security?

- Opt-Out Day at security?

So much for the upheaval with the new TSA security procedures the media reported. It appears all that occurred were a lot of anxious people who got to the airport in more than ample time only to encounter a non-event. I’m sure the airport vendors appreciated the additional customer purchases due to travelers trying to determine what to do with their extra time.

It has been reported that business people are opting out of traveling and the reasoning is because of the additional security procedures. Possibly. But how about air travel is fraught with fewer flight options, delays, charges for everything from baggage to changing a flight? Who wouldn’t opt out?

Lesson learned – blowing up a problem when it comes to national security isn’t helpful to anyone. Do procedures need to be reviewed? Yes. But can’t we take the issue out of the media?

See you on the road,

Kathy Ameche


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