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What Do WRW's Want in a Hotel Stay?


In a previous blog post Hotel Haven, we looked at the top amenities travelers look for when they book a hotel room. Discounts, pools and extras like spa services ranked high in a survey done by Orbitz.

USAToday then did a story specifically about what Road Warriors want in a hotel stay. Hotels are offering more perks and ramping up their pampering to attract more business travelers as they start to hit the road again in 2011. Readers (mostly male - only one woman business traveler was quoted in the story) have a long list of requests but most have to do with comfort and convenience. They include:

On-site business centers
Good desk and light in room
Microwave oven
Newspaper at door
TV channel guide
Free breakfast
Early check-in

In 2009, surveyed more than 500 Woman Road Warriors for their hotel preferences.

Our results showed they absolutely want:
#1 - Cleanliness
#2 - Friendliness
#3 - Safety
#4 - Good Lighting (especially in the bathroom)

Some other suggestions for making their stay more enjoyable included:

Free bottled water and snacks
Free wi-fi (this was a must)
Good pillows, linens & comforters
More electrical outlets
Better room service menus
Comfortable reading chairs
Female-friendly rooms
Female-friendly cable channels

What do you want in your hotel stay? Let us know in the comments.

See you on the road!

Road Reporter Vicki Zwart

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