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Keeping the Peace On the Plane


The turbulence involved in flying these days - frequent delays, overcrowded flights and reduced service - keeps in-flight etiquette constantly in our thoughts. The Wall Street Journal's travel editor Scott McCartney brought it up again with his post "So Who Gets the Armrest?"   He asked frequent fliers, airline industry leaders, flight attendants and etiquette and ethics experts to offer advice on how to deal with on-board aggravations, such as armrest sharing and stinky food.

Though no one asked us Woman Road Warriors, we have a few thoughts on how to keep the peace on the plane:

Share the armrest! It's big enough for two.

A true Woman Road Warrior knows not to recline her seat all the way.

If someone encroaches on your seat  - assert yourself. You paid for your space!

Always pack a mini fan in your carry-on and don't be afraid to use it if someone whips out a smelly sandwich.
Though the issue of dealing with noisy neighbors (kids specifically) has been done to death, we still like putting on the noise-canceling earphones and drifting into silent bliss. Or put on your sunglasses, even if it's dark out - that will help block out all the distractions.

And, if you find yourself stuck in the window seat with a full bladder and sleeping row-mates, climb over them or gently wake them up. Treat them the same way you'd like to be treated if the situation were reversed. Having this happen more than once should be a good reminder to hit the bathroom BEFORE you get on the plane.

See you on the road!

Kathy Ameche

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