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Be Ready for Snowmaggedon


As we face Snowmaggedon in Chicago, the New York Times has a good article about how to deal with a canceled flight. It suggests using social media to stay in touch with your airline. We agree - many airlines are using Twitter to keep their passengers up-to-date on cancellations and delays. You'll often get a much faster response than trying to get through by phone.

The Times also says to read the fine print - you have the right to demand a refund on a canceled flight - even because of bad weather - from any airline if you decide not to take the trip.

We recommend buying a new ticket if your flight is canceled. You'll have priority over those trying to re-book. The airlines like fresh revenue! You can use the old one at a later date.

In addition, keep the number of your favorite hotel chain on your speed dial and partake in lots of food therapy (comfort food that is).

See you on the road!

Kathy Ameche

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