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Guest Blog: Fall 2011 Fashion Week Review


Though most of us have yet to even wear a single piece of Spring clothing, Fall 2011 Fashion Week is already a thing of the past!  And as always, a few note-worthy trends emerged.

The infusion of vibrant colors and patterns, which began in spring 2011, will continue.  Bright red will be the must-have impact color of the season--be it in a stunning, bedazzled, cocktail dress, or in a statement leather handbag, boot or shoe.  Cobalt blue and royal purple will also be featured.  Expect to see color in luxurious velvets or with an element of shine. You are going to see traditional autumnal colors—green, rust, and golden mustard—shown in new ways and new hues.  Bold plaids, muted tribal prints and festive polka dots will keep the fun in fashion this fall.

Suiting and great sportswear will continue to be strong, however, expect to see them with an added element of drama.  Peplums will be featured on shorter jackets.  Maxi-length duster coats and ¾ length topper jackets will be the look teamed with long flowing pants or coordinating maxi dresses.  Ankle and maxi-length skirts will feature thigh-high, up-to-there slits.  Indoor and outdoor coats and jackets will be accented with a touch of leather, a fluff of fur, or a splash of shine—or maybe all three! 

Fall 2011 you will also see homage paid to past eras and decades.  The western feel will be present via blanket coats, rustic ponchos, frontier dresses and boots.  And New York a la the 70’s will return via draped jumpsuits, low v-necklines, clean-lined capes, and shiny fabrics.

As a former business traveler, I know what you are thinking – “Sounds great, but how am I to schlep my training folders, samples, and luggage while wearing my stunning, bright red, bedazzled cocktail dress with my Western boots?”  The fact is the infusion of color via great accessories and handbags will be an easy way to make your more serviceable travel pieces look fresh and current.  Also, a great maxi-length duster or ¾ length topper jacket, with a warm scarf, can often be used in lieu of an additional coat for traveling to and from the airport.  Trendy and practical—got to love it!  

Susan Mowder

Susan Mowder is the owner of The Style Principle, a wardrobe-styling firm based in Chicago, IL. Susan has 16 years of experience in the fashion industry on both the wholesale and retail sides of the business.

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