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What Airline am I on Again?


 I couldn’t believe it. Here I was on an 8a.m. Saturday morning flight at the height of Spring Break. What was I thinking?  The security lines were packed. Silly me, I thought Saturday morning would be quiet.  I took my place in line, boarded the plane and then the unimaginable happened. The flight attendant on a United Airlines flight was fabulous. She was funny, helpful, attentive – what a refreshing experience.  

How many times have we gotten on a plane only to be ignored, told to hurry up and stow our bags, made to feel that we were a disturbance? I’m a believer that if you treat people with some respect, they will respond in kind.  Traveling is stressful enough and a person’s attitude directly impacts the entire experience. This flight attendant greeted each passenger as if they were a human being, smiled, and had a kindness in her voice and demeanor. 

Thank you to Trish, the first flight attendant on UAL’s ORD to PHX flight Saturday morning, March 19th - for making the flight enjoyable, despite the 150 mph head winds.  What a refreshing change. Are you taking a page out of Southwest’s playbook?  Whatever the reasoning, keep it up.

Some of my favorite moments included:
- Asking the kids where they were going and then saying to them “Oh, no, we aren’t going there. Phoenix is closed."
- Reaching behind a few unsuspecting ears and pulling out a quarter. 
- Letting a few of the younger generation make an announcement on the intercom. 
- During the initial announcement, asking a passenger, "where are we going again?" 
- She was a green tea fan; we swapped stories and tea bags.
     And it went on…

I happened to be on a Southwest flight back to Chicago (the following day) and not only was their humor missing, when we arrived at Midway, we had to wait 10 minutes until the ground crew could guide us to the gate.  We were told “they were busy” – really!  That’s an excuse at O’Hare not Midway.


See you on the road!
Kathy Ameche

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