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How Can You Not Root for Them?


I admit it, I’m a sports junkie. Who doesn’t like this time of year? The NCAA tournament, opening day in baseball, the final 10 games for the NBA, Kentucky Derby warm-ups and yes, the Masters.  I’m the in-house bookie for the NCAA tournament and picked Kansas to win it all.  Picking the tournament winner has never been my strong suit and it’s rare that a #1 seed goes all the way, but I sucked it up and went with Kansas anyway.  I’m now eating crow but I can’t feel too bad because of whom they lost to, VCU.  If you don’t know about VCU’s run then I suggest you get to ESPN, or however you get your news and check this team out.

Not only are they a #11 seed, they had to play a pre-game just to get into the tournament. A number of die hard college basketball critics have been all too happy to voice their opinions that VCU should never have been invited to the Big Dance.  Looks who’s talking now!

What’s the saying, “actions speak louder than words?”  The actions of VCU’s head coach, Shaka Smart are a screaming success.  You have a head coach who is in his 30’s and living a dream that most head coaches can only hope for.  Shaka chose to go to Kenyon College after being accepted at Harvard, Yale and Brown.  He has his Rams believing they can win the tournament and I for one, have joined the bandwagon. Who doesn’t need a feel good story about now?  Instead of worrying about the economy, war, famine, jobs - let’s root the underdog onto victory. 


See you on the road,

Kathy Ameche

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