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Whether you look at your hotel stay as a necessary evil of business travel -  a place to lay your weary head after a long day of meetings. Or an opportunity to enjoy a little time to yourself and get some pampering - the rule remains the same. Don't ever let your guard down.  

You may have stayed at a certain hotel many times, but you still need to take precautions to help ensure that you and your belongings stay safe.

1. Avoid getting into an elevator if you are uncomfortable. Don't be embarrassed. The old saying that there is safety in numbers also applies to elevators. 

2. Ask room service to call you when your delivery leaves the kitchen. You should never open your hotel room door to an uninvited stranger. If room service notifies you when your food leaves the kitchen, you can expect the delivery. The call also helps make sure you're dressed to receive the delivery.

3. When pre-ordering breakfast, don't identify yourself as a woman alone. When filling out the information on the form you leave on your doorknob, only fill in your initials or your last name. And inflate the number of people being served. The worst that can happen is you'll have silverware and/or coffee or tea service for two.

4. Stand at the door while room service is being delivered. Even when you're expecting room service, you still need to be careful. I always stand at or near the door, leaving the door open, when the server brings in the cart or try. I sign the bill when the server is on his way out the door or in the hall after the delivery.

5. Don't hang the "service please" sign on the door when you leave your room. You're simply telling anyone who cares that the room is empty. Housekeeping will still take care of your room and you can always call and tell them you're leaving.

6. Keep your identification easily accessible. I like to keep my purse, jewelry and room key either on the nightstand or by the front door. This way, I know where things are and can find them automatically if I need them in an emergency.

7. Request that all deliveries be made to the front desk. When you are making the request for delivery, never give out your room number. Give the front desk this simple rule: all deliveries must be screened at the desk; no one may deliver anything directly to your room. 

And one more thing ... don't be afraid to ask to change your room if you feel uncomfortable about anything. Remember: You are the one footing the bill and you're entitled to your comfort and rest.

See you on the road!

Kathy Ameche

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