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Readers Offer Hotel Safety Suggestions


We've been getting some great tips and comments from our Woman Road Warrior LinkedIn group and on our Facebook page about my blog post on keeping yourself safe on the road. I wanted to share the responses here for all of our readers.

"Good article Kathy. One item I would add relates to rooms with connecting doors. This is probably due to watching Law & Order and an active imagination. I normally set up the ironing board in front of any connecting door as an extra security measure. It won't stop anyone coming through, but will make noise that would alert me of an intrusion." - Linda Robertson

"Kathy - I think one of the most important is your last point - make sure you are comfortable with the room. The women I traveled with used to laugh when I said my technique on entering a hotel room for the first time was to treat it like a blind date. I didn't sit down (because it's too much energy to get up and go back to the front desk after you get settled) until I had walked the room - do you have all the towels you need, is the room clean, are you comfortable with what's outside the window on a lower floor? If you need something that's missing, get it all done in one call or if too many things are not ready or clean, march back to the front desk.

I also find that some hotel rooms don't have doors that close / lock easily when you enter / exit. Make sure to pull the door closed so it doesn't sit ajar while you are in or out. All too tempting when the slow elevator is finally there to dash for the elevator without physically pulling the door shut."
- Beverly Wyckoff   


"All of this advice is terrific. I have a couple of additions. I usually put the Do Not Disturb sign on the door and leave the TV on when I'm out of the room (I know the latter isn't green, but there are trade-offs). Also test the deadbolt lock when you first get in the room to make sure it actually unlocks. I have a long story about how I was stuck in the room and the door had to be sledgehammered down. Also from others' experiences - I often take my cellphone into the bathroom if there isn't a phone in there if I plan to close the door (I know people who've been locked in) and cover the peephole." -  Celene Peurye-Hissong

"Get a map of the hotel and complex and do a quick run through to the key locations as to not waste time later searching (usually when you don't have time!) ex: front desk, ice, spa, close exits, pool, restaurant. If you are traveling with children, this will also give you and them extra confidence if something were to come up that may separate you." - Danielle Bradley

Thanks for all the fabulous suggestions. We'd love to hear more. Please leave yours in the comments.

Stay safe and see you on the road!

Kathy Ameche

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