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My Experience with Frontier Airlines


After a year of traveling extensively for my 52 Weeks of Worship project, I found myself status-less on United, my go-to airline for years. All of my travel had been done on Delta, which was great for using miles (I was Platinum), and wonderful for going to Atlanta, where my family lives. But not so good for traveling anywhere I had to pay for, or flying anywhere but Atlanta ... unless I wanted to fly through Atlanta, Cincinnati or Minneapolis. And I really, really, really do not like having to take connecting flights.

So when I was faced with a business trip to Denver, I found myself booking a flight on Frontier Airlines after doing an Orbitz search. I did not do it with any level of confidence. I had never heard of the airline and had to text two friends and ask if they had ever flown on the airline before I did. One of those friends traveled Frontier to Denver often and gave it the thumbs up. The other was Kathy Ameche, our fearless Traveler-in-Chief. After consulting with both of these ladies, I decided, “Why not?” I might as well try something new, and promised to report back to Kathy to share my experiences.

So the report is: My experience with Frontier was surprisingly delightful! The planes were new with inviting leather seats; the flight attendants were friendly and useful, and all aspects of the flight were smooth. In the spirit of total disclosure, I must say that due to the last minute nature of my travel, I was able to book in Frontier's “Classic Plus” category. That meant I was in the first four rows of the plane, was able to board first, had a little extra leg room, received a snack (chips and salsa! peanut M&Ms!), and free TV ("Real Housewives of Atlanta!" "Gnomeo and Juliet!").  If it had been a pleasure trip, I would have gotten to check two free bags (but of course I had one small carry-on. I am, after all a Road Warrior).

Frontier helped me to smooth the transition from flying on my trusty two favorite airlines as much as possible (Delta and United) because of high status to purchasing tickets based on price and convenience.  I would happily fly them again.

See you on the road! 

Guest road reporter Pamay Bassey 

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