For women going places


Want to still carry on without worrying about banned liquids and gels? Ship! If you are at a hotel go to the concierge, complete a shipping form for FedEx, UPS or US Postal Service and be on your way. Be sure to tip the concierge before you leave!

If you are at the airport, stop in the business center and do the same thing as you would have done at the hotel. On route to the airport find a shipping store. Doesn't matter where you are there is always a way to ship things to yourself. Why throw away that expensive bottle of moisturizer, hair product or shampoo. The cost of shipping far outweighs the product(s) price.

For more information on the TSA threat level go here.

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Aim for the A.M.


Monday morning flights are typically filled with business travelers. The airlines also have their most senior personnel working the morning shift. Morning travel allows you to work with the most senior staff and gives you further flexibility and choices if you do not get on your original flight.

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