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There is a collective sigh of relief for us female travelers. Our mascara is no longer considered a bomb threat!

Today is the first day of the mini-size movement in air travel. Yesterday, the Transportation Safety Administration announced that liquids, gels and creams were allowed on board an aircraft. As long travelers adhere to the latest guidelines and put these toiletries in a quart (8" x 7.5") size zip-top bag they should have no problem. For more details as to specifics follow this link to the TSA.

Some toiletries are easy to buy in the small size but the costly shampoos, gels, and face creams may not be as easy to find. Ask at your cosmetic counter for travel size products.

It's time to shop - not only for mini-size toiletries but I'm off to purchase stock in a company who makes zip-lock bags! Safe travels.

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Want to still carry your luggage on the plane without worrying about banned liquids and gels? Ship! If you are at a hotel go to the concierge, complete a shipping form for FedEx, UPS or US Postal Service and be on your way. Be sure to tip the concierge before you leave! If you're enroute to the airport, find a shipping store, like a UPS or Kinkos/FedEx.

If you're already at the airport, stop in the business center and do the same thing you would have done at the hotel. Wherever you are, there should always be a way to ship something to yourself. Why throw away that expensive bottle of moisturizer, hair product or shampoo? The cost of shipping should be small compared to what the
product cost you.

For more information on the TSA threat level go here.

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