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You long for a bouquet of roses, boxes of chocolates and a romantic evening. But this year it looks like your date for Valentine's Day will be a remote control and television reruns. Let's face it, being alone on Valentine's Day is depressing; adding insult to injury, the economy is putting a strangle hold on our checkbooks and everywhere you turn you're greeted with unemployment numbers.

Some tips to help you enjoy Valentine's Day (or any other special day) alone whether you are on the road or not:

  • Indulge in forbidden foods. Throw out the diet...Go ahead and splurge! You're already being deprived of a loved one, now is NOT the time to forego that chocolate cake or steak frite.
  • Take a night out on the town. Explore the city or take in a show. Let someone else do the driving - take a group tour or hire a private driver to see the sights. Enjoy an old hobby or passion- go to a sporting event or attend a concert in a music style you've wanted to try.
  • Pamper yourself. Forget the excuse of, "I don't have time and it costs too much". Do something special for yourself - enjoy a spa treatment, buy a new outfit (everything's on sale), go the gym and actually sit in the sauna.

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