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Checking into a hotel ought to be easy. And yet I can't tell you how many times I have asked for a new room before I have even left the front desk. Why would I ask for a new room before even seeing the inside of the one I was assigned? Women have been traveling alone for decades, and yet many front desk clerks are not aware of precautions they need to take to protect a woman's safety. As a sole traveler, you NEVER want your room number announced to anyone but you. When you check in, the desk clerk should not announce the room number aloud but simply tell you where the number can be found on the room key envelope. If the clerk announces your room number so that other people around the desk can hear it, give the key back to the individual and say that you want a different room in the interest of your safety and security. Make it clear that you do not wish to have your room number stated out loud. Some hotels now announce the floor of the guest's room but not the room number - although better, that doesn't work for me either. A healthy dose of paranoia never hurt anyone, and the only person looking out for you on the road is you.

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