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Keeping You and Your Room Secure


I just returned from a trip with a colleague. While we were on the road, we had an interesting discussion of what 'rituals' to perform when you first enter your hotel room. I told her about my 5 step process, which she had never done, and once I got done explaining it, she said that she would use it on every trip in the future. So, keeping in the spirit of mentoring, I wanted to share it with everyone. As soon as you enter the hotel room (whether you are by yourself or with a bellman) look in the closet, in the shower and under the bed, make sure the internal phone works, and check to see that the windows lock securely and that any outside door (such as to a patio or deck) also locks securely. Once you are convinced that the room is secure, lock the top front door lock and relax. If for any reason you are uncomfortable, change rooms. You are not obligated to give a reason to anyone; just call the front desk and request a room change.

Watch a short safety video!

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