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Thanksgiving Holiday Smile Game


Project De-grumpification

Dates: Wednesday - Sunday

Rules: the person with the most points on Sunday at midnight CST wins.

Point distritibution:
  • 2 pts when you get someone to smile
  • 3 pts for a laugh
  • 1 pt for no response, at least you tried

Try this on relatives, fellow travelers, gate agents, anyone who has
to work during the holiday. This includes retail sales people.

Every time you accumulate 10 points let us know via twitter or email

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Be in the driver's seat when renting a car


Car rental companies have responded to the economic climate by reducing the size of their fleets and actually raising their rates. Even in good times, Hertz, Avis, and National don't necessarily give you the best rate. Some planning and a little inside information can save you time and money.

Avoid paying an airport premium

  • Try renting from a hotel location near the airport. Often, the rate for a car picked up there will be lower than the rate for one picked up at the airport; you also won't pay the airport tax. A number of large car rental agencies have locations at major hotels near airports (see the Marriott near LAX). Typically you can still return the car directly to the airport location with no penalty. OR
  • Rent from a location in town - You may also find a better rate at a car rental location in your destination city, typically in or somewhere near downtown. You simply take a bus, taxi or other form of transportation from the airport to that location.

Discounts/T&E policy

  • You may work for a company whose travel and entertainment policy has requirements regarding car rentals, such as the preferred vendor, rates and insurance options you should adhere to. Your company may also have a corporate rate. If not, many of the rental car companies give a AAA discount and some give a discount with certain credit cards.

Insurance Strategies

  • The car rental companies charge a lot for insurance by the day. You are not obligated to take their insurance, but need to make sure you are covered, especially for liability to third parties. Check your employer's policy, any insurance your credit card company may offer, your personal car insurance or home/renters insurance policies. Some of them may already provide coverage. No point in paying twice.

Have any insider tips on rental cars?

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Inns and Outs of Hotels


To make your hotel room experience a little easier try these tips:

  • Sleep insurance. Pack a binder clip keep the hotel room curtains closed. Whether it's bright city lights at night or the dawn's early light in the morning you don't want anything to interfere with your sleep.
  • Key, Key where's the key? If you are always scrambling to find your hotel room key before you exit your room, make it a habit to place it on the floor by to the door when you enter in your room.
  • A taste of home. Bring your own favorite coffee or tea to make in the hotel room. If you like milk with your drink and want to avoid the white powder substitute, buy a small carton to keep in the room fridge or ice bucket.

What do you do to make your hotel room work for you?

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