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Valet vs. Self Park


As companies press their employees and contractors to cut back on expenses, valet parking at your hotel seems like a no-brainer in the 'items to do without" category. But before you start driving to that self-park lot, ask yourself if the increased safety and security, not to mention convenience, are worth the added cost. And actually valet parking may not be that much of an additional cost. Normally, the charge for hotel valet parking is a daily fee with unlimited in and out privileges, while with self-parking, you pay a new parking charge every time you take your car out of the garage. If you are going to need your car during the day, you may find that you are actually saving money by using the hotel's valet. And of course, you will feel and probably be safer having someone take your car from you at the hotel's front door and park it, rather than parking your car yourself at night in a garage located in an unfamiliar place and with no one else around.

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